Darin Alexander speaks at “National Heirloom Exposition”

Darin Alexander - World's Largest Cinch

Darin hangs out in his World’s Largest Cinch comfortably used as the Original Cowboy Hammock

September 11-13, 2012 in Santa Rosa, California at the Sonoma County Fairgrounds.

The scope of educational speakers has been expanded at this year’s Expo to include the Animal Sciences and Homesteading related topics. Darin Alexander is listed as a featured presenter September 12th at 2 pm in the Homestead Hall. Emphasis over the past twenty plus years on natural animal fibers for use in cinches by Darin and other makers brings the ArtCords’ theme into the Expo as a great match. After all, there have been a growing number of reports surfacing of individuals who are still using the same mohair cinch purchased over 50 years ago. With appropriate care you can see the dollars saved as a refreshing return on investment!

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In keeping with the revival of heirloom quality, Darin is scheduled to share a powerpoint presentation touching on the fibers which have been used in the past for cinches and various aspects of what value there is in making your own items. Images of historic and contemporary cinches will be shared along with a variety of ways the techniques can be applied for function and aesthetics from clothing to home decor.

World's Largest Cinch - Pryor, OK

The ArtCords, LLC booth at Pryor’s annual Cowboy Trade Days in Oklahoma. Summer of 2012

Fiber professionals around the world have deemed quality cinch cord of 100% natural animal fibers “impossible” on a commercial production level to meet growing demand citing today’s yarn mill equipment limitations and what they call “cost-prohibitive slow speeds” necessary to produce quality. Thus a return to the hand-plied cords is required to meet the Equine market needs. Re-discovery of refined rope-making techniques to optimize materials for end-use have resulted in a growing number of Darin’s students learning the ropes of appropriate comfort and durability in Equine gear.  Employing softer animal fibers that are selected for comfortable feel against human skin has resulted in amazing behavior improvements in horses and mules.

The ArtCords booth at venues such as the National Heirloom Exposition, provide visitors with an opportunity to gain first-hand exposure to various types of cord and fibers being used today.  Feeling the difference between cords sold ‘as mohair’ or other natural fibers next to those which are known to be natural fibers is one of the ways ArtCords has been working for consumer protection.  If the consumer is more aware of the options available in the Equine industry and how to avoid a waste of money on cheap items which are known to cause discomfort to the horse and mule, there will be more money in the consumer’s pocket in the long-run with happier and healthier horses and mules.

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Bakers Creek Heirloom Seed spring Festival 2009. Founder Jere Gettle smiles for the camera after
Darin Alexander presented heirloom bean seeds brought to America c. 1863 from Germany.