Darin Alexander

Passionate about cinch making since learning the skills in 1986, education and training others has become a primary focus since conducting my first public cinch demonstration at the 1992 Ten Sleep Rodeo in Wyoming. Ranching experience on my great uncle's spread in Wyoming's Big Horn Basin contributed greatly to my recognition and conviction that cinches are a key to improving health and comfort for Equines and safety for the rider.

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Videos: For the Equine’s Sake – Episode 1

Part 1: Interview with Farrier/Cinch Maker, Lloyd Britton Back-story and Lloyd’s perspective on making comfortable/healthy cinches for horses and mules. Part 2: Visual and discussion of cinch relating to Saddling-up for optimum comfort and function. This episode and future production is made possible through the support of viewers like you. Partner with us to benefit …

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Seasonal Themes for Cinches

Have you ever considered how the traditional techniques of cinch making could be employed to create a seasonal theme? For many of us cinch makers such possibilities are great opportunities to stretch our creativity and further refine our proficiency of technique. While many have asked,”why make cinches by hand, aren’t they made by machine?!” The …

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Mohair Cinch Making around the Globe

With the growing recognition of mohair and alpaca cinches being much more comfortable and healthy for horses and mules, the demand for quality, custom made cinches is on the rise.  Interestingly, the art of cinch making, while not a new thing since folks have been making and using cinches for hundreds of years, has recently …

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ArtCords LLC – Official Home

Ornate cinches1

  One of the most encouraging e-mails we have received to date.  The sender writes from Western Australia: “We received this e-mail just a second ago and I couldn’t copy and send it fast enough to you! All through winter (mild though it is compared to yours) we have been kept busy with our tourist-based …

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Ornate Cinches?!

An introduction to the vast possibilities of cinch making…  What an awesome opportunity to share the joys this Art of Cord ‘hand-crafting’ can provide!  Our hope is that what is shared on the pages of this site will inspire and encourage each visitor to see cinches and many other agrarian skills in a whole new …

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